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I've been doing some kind of craft ever since I was a little girl. My mom taught me to embroider in grade school. In junior high, I learned to knit in Home Ec. When my first baby was born, I learned to cross stitch. I think cross stitching may have been my favorite, but I can't do it anymore - my eyes just can't handle it. I learned to crochet when my parents moved to Cherokee, IA. Those rag crochet baskets were very popular there, so I decided to give it a try (crocheting took SO much longer to learn than knitting). After moving to California, somehow, I became interested in stamping. I occasionally had to go into a scrapbooking shop for paper, and I would see things I would love to try - but I refused. The stamping had already taken over the house, I could just imagine what scrapping would do! Then, one day, I saw an ad on the internet for "digital" scrapping. Perfect! This, then, is a photo album of pages I've scrapped. For most of these pages, I have used the art - doodads, she calls them - of Mo Jackson.

Good-bye, Ali
Halloween 2006 Avatar
Tim and His Dad - 2001
November 2006 Avatar
Evan in the Band
Halloween 2006
Brett in Muir Woods - 2005
Why I Scrap
Little Angels - 2001
For My Dad
Our Wedding
Guitar Hero
My Family - 2006
Beautiful Bethany
Cruising L. A. Harbor - 1998
Cinnamon Oat Triangles
Tim Loves a Good Book
Scraplift Challenge 2007 #3
July 2007 Avatar
8th Grade Graduation
And So it Begins
December 2006 Avatar
December 2007 Avatar
For a Friend
Barbara's Birthday 2007
Baseball Injury
Bethany at Apple Hill
Bethany and Duchess
Old Friends
Sledding in the Sierras
Award Ceremony
Big Mac
Bikini Challenge
Birthday Challenge
Brettie Boy
Prom 2005
Brett's 21
Mother's Day Card
Check Contents before Signing
Christa's Birthday 2007
Christmas at Our House
Daddy's Girl
Dad's Birthday 2006
The Baseball Years